Monday, March 8, 2010

Hamachi Causes Problems Connecting Garena (DoTA)

Recently I noticed a problem regarding several units on the cafe where i maintained that cannot play shop to shop on Garena and this have been a common problem among gaming cafe's. So we tried to see what causes this problem since this doesn't happen before. A few months earlier, everyone can enjoy 5 on 5 shop to shop game until morning without any problems.

This is what we've found out. After we changed our IP address from static to dynamic, the hamachi that was installed for Left4Dead, causes the problem and confuses the network since hamachi is configured to be static and the router is set to dynamic IP addresses. This causes the problem of only 3 people connecting on a same garena room at the same time.

Solution: Disable Hamachi if you have hamachi installed when you are using dynamic IP address so you can connect to garena properly and enjoy DoTA 5 on 5 S2S.

Happy Ganking.


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